BECHEM offers solutions for

Automotive applications, fittings, rail applications, electrical contacts, chassis and brake systems, gear lubrication, hydraulic applications, plastic lubrication, food and pharmaceutical industry, process media for all metal working industries (forming and machining operations), heavy industry, textile industry, etc.

Our guiding principle

Tomorrow’s technologies. Today. – With their lubrication solutions BECHEM does not only meet today’s challenges but also sets standards for future-oriented lubricant applications and technologies. Examples are our product concepts Beruforge 150, Berucoat MC, Berufluid and BECHEM Unopol AL.

Partner of the industry worldwide

BECHEM is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality special lubricants and metal working fluids. BECHEM is development partner of the industry with high competence for tailor-made solutions, regardless of whether for the development of for-life lubricants for the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering, or process optimisation in metal working operations. With the extended lifetime of components, machines and tools BECHEM lubrication products considerably contribute to the success of our customers.

Our values

Decades of experience, intensive cooperation with scientific associations and product users, and the know-how and strong commitment of our employees are key factors for the development of high-performance, future-oriented lubricant products for technically demanding application fields of our customers. With our long history and business culture tailored to the future, BECHEM is facing the forthcoming challenges.

With tradition into the future

Our company, family owned for generations, excels in continuity and reliability.

The long experience of our employees is the basis of permanent development and guarantees the proximity to our customers.

Independence offers all of us the certainty and possibility to strongly realise our mutual targets.

A strong family with confidence and responsibility

Confidence and responsibility are the basis of short decisions and offer us, our partners and customers, advantages in the market.

For us, as family-owned company, the responsibility towards all employees lays the foundation for the future.

For us, openness and tolerance among each other and our customers are just a matter of course.

Full performance for our customers

Proximity to our customers means the global provision of our performances and the individual compliance with our customers‘ requirements.

Our services consist of reliable solutions for our customers.

We permanently work on the further development of our performances for our customers and markets.