Matched: Process fluids and the metering system

Inadequate or unsuitable cleaning processes in metalworking often lead to production defects and malfunctions; at the same time, the industry is faced with increasing demands on processes. The selection of the best possible cleaner is becoming increasingly important. BECHEM has therefore made further developments and adjustments of its cooling lubricants, corrosion protection products and the cleaning media. The BECHEM system solution offers compatible products for the entire process chain and provides significant cost savings to users.

Montanhydraulik GmbH, Holzwickede, one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, is also concerned. The BECHEM system solution was used with a proportional metering device to automate metering and mixing of the cleaning concentrate with the required amount of water. The example shows that individually matched cleaning processes and the right metering technology can make a major contribution to the safety and the efficiency of plant engineering.

Matched: Process fluids and the metering system enlarge A strong team: BECHEM process fluids and appropriate LDT metering technology at Montanhydraulik
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