BECHEM is MAHLE’s partner for the development of anti-friction coatings

Anti-friction coatings play an important role in the pistons of internal combustion engines. They help optimizing the shaft running behaviour and managing the extreme operating conditions. With the increasing demands on the construction of engines and pistons, also the demands on anti-friction coatings are increasing.

Within the scope of friction power measurements in tribometer testings and motor testings by MAHLE, three different shaft coatings (including the one containing MoS2-from a market competitor) were tested as friction partners of a lubricated grey cast iron body. A relevant parameter was the time until the failure of the unlubricated coating. In addition, the friction coefficient of the run-in friction pairings in the lubricated condition was determined. The clear superiority of the new MAHLE coating and the layer containing MoS2 over a graphite-containing piston coating and the uncoated aluminium shaft could be demonstrated. There is a recognisable difference between the MAHLE EvoGlide coating and the competitor product containing MoS2 in terms of the friction coefficient. BECHEM was involved in the development of the MAHLE EvoGlide coating, while being the manufacturer of this high-performance anti-friction coating.

Further information is provided in an article in the BECHEM customer magazine "Carl." and the interview with Dr. Rose, Head of Surface Technology of Engine Systems and Components Europe at MAHLE GmbH, Stuttgart. Follow the link below for the exciting insights:


BECHEM is MAHLE’s partner for the development of anti-friction coatings enlarge Coated piston stems in the functional model of a combustion engine.

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