Improved heat transfer with the Berulub FZ series

Heat conducting pastes are used for heat dissipation in components to be cooled, such as processors and electrical engineering components, or for the assembly of semiconductors on cooling elements in freezers. They are an important design element to improve the heat transfer from the component (heat source) to the heat sink.

For example, the surface of the heat sink for a microchip has a surface roughness (roughness depth) due to the mechanical processing, which causes cavities between the contact parts. Heat dissipation is significantly reduced at these points. The cavities are filled with heat conducting pastes in order to reduce the heat transfer resistance due to the improved surface quality.

With the Berulub FZ series, BECHEM offers three heat conduction pastes for different areas of application:

Berulub FZ 1 E3

  • silicone-free
  • very good low-temperature behaviour


Berulub FZ 2 S

  • resistant to oxidation and ageing
  • non-toxic
  • avoids air inclusions
  • odorless
  • chemically indifferent to plastics and metals


Berulub FZ 3 HT

  • silicone-free
  • very good insulation
  • non-toxic
  • odorless
  • chemically indifferent to common materials
  • stable to oxidation and ageing
  • suitable for high temperature applications
  • suitable for high frequency use
Improved heat transfer with the Berulub FZ series enlarge Heat conducting pastes are used in processors to improve heat dissipation.

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