BECHEM Fluid SD for the sugar processing industry

In the confectionery, food and beverage industries, there are other factors that present manufacturers with challenges in addition to the high requirements in terms of hygiene and safety. One of these is the removal of stubborn sugar incrustations, which severely impair the cost-effectiveness of the entire production process. Cleaning from time to time is labour-intensive, time-consuming and sometimes causes high costs depending on the type of plant. 

BECHEM offers the product BECHEM Fluid SD for the lubrication of machine components such as grippers, chain joints, spindles and rocker arms which are exposed to sugar. The H1-registered special lubricant has good creep properties and at the same time serves as a reliable solvent for sugar incrustations that do not aggregate with either starch or sugar. 

As the sugar processing industry often produces continuously in three shifts or produces again directly after cleaning, prolonged protection of the plant components against new incrustations is an enormous advantage. The BECHEM Fluid SD reliably protects the surface against new incrustation with sugar and offers additional corrosion protection for steel surfaces. BECHEM Fluid SD enables the extension of cleaning intervals and contributes to the reduction of manufacturing costs. 

BECHEM Fluid SD for the sugar processing industry enlarge BECHEM Fluid SD reliably protects against sugar incrustations and corrosion.

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