Safe climate comfort in vehicle interiors

Air conditioning systems in motor vehicles have become indispensable in this day and age. They serve the comfort and safety of vehicle occupants by providing a pleasantly tempered, concentration-enhancing room climate and fog-free windows. Lubricants are used to ensure that the fins of the air vents, which are used to open and close the ducts, remain smoothly running throughout the service life of the vehicle and are protected against wear. 

In order to seal the air vents airtight with the adjustment flaps, the edges of the adjustment flaps are often fitted with elastomer seals. The required material compatibility is achieved by using silicone oil or perfluoropolyether. Some materials can, however, release undesirable or toxic emissions, in the worst case with harmful effects on the occupants of the vehicle. In order to ensure safe application, special attention is paid to the fogging value of the lubricants used in air conditioning systems. This describes the amount of condensable components of individual volatile materials and must be tested in accordance with DIN 75201.  

BECHEM offers no less than five products with fogging values of less than 2 mg: Berulub FR 43, Berulub FH 57, Berusoft 10, Berusil TS 1 and Berulub FK 164-2 UV. They are therefore particularly suitable for the safe lifetime lubrication of air vents in vehicle interiors. Due to their different design, the products have different properties which can be optimally adapted to the respective application. 

Further information on the respective material compatibilities can be found here.

Safe climate comfort in vehicle interiors enlarge BECHEM products make a major contribution to the functionality and safety of interior components.

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