Tips for your application.

In this way you will go down well with us.

Please take enough time to prepare your application documents and check them for completeness. Avoid standard texts and make individual formulations for the position you are applying for.

We produce special lubricants - tell us what special knowledge you have, what makes you special, what are your professional interests and strengths. Distinguish yourself from your competitors and convince us of your personality and qualification, of your passion and motivation. Tell us why you see your professional future at BECHEM. 


The following must be included in your application.

A good application includes full details:
Cover letter / letter of motivation
CV in tabular form (starting with your last position)
Certificates (School Certificate, Intermediate Diploma, Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's and job references)
Trainees' certificates, assessments, certificates

For applications for a student internship, the following documents are obligatory:
Enrolment Certificate
Overview of marks
Possibly a Certificate of Compulsory Internship

The following documents are obligatory for an applicatio for a job training vacancy:
The last three Grammar School Certificates 

In your cover letter, please give us an impression of your person and let us know the motives of your application:
Why are you interested in this job?
What excites you about the advertised vacancy?
What do you expect from your new occupation?
Why are you the right person for this job?
What is the reason for your wish for a professional change?

Observe the form of your application:
Clear structure and legibility
Check your texts for wording and spelling
Look for uniform font sizes, paragraphs, and line spacing
For online applications, please send us only PDF file formats
Please save Word files as .pdf and rename your documents uniquely.
The size of your email should not exceed 10 MB.

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