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Cooling Lubricants by BECHEM
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As a developer and manufacturer of cooling lubricants, BECHEM has been supplying premium cooling lubricants for decades.  


The BECHEM Avantin, Berucool, and Berucut product series cover the entire range of water-miscible and immiscible cooling lubricants. The modern system structure of these products ensures optimum performance under all conditions. Depending on the structure, the cooling or lubrication properties of the product dominate in these conventional cooling lubricants. Water and oil can be considered the standard base fluids.  


BECHEM’s pioneering Berufluid cooling lubricant concept is paving the way for a new lubricant generation. Oil-like lubrication and outstanding cooling properties are the basis for the high-performance and mineral oil-free product family.

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With its BECHEM Avantin, Berufluid, and Berucut product lines, BECHEM offers a strong range for machining that meets the ever-increasing customer requirements in terms of environmental regulations, optimizing processes, and combining methods. BECHEM products achieve a high cooling effect, excellent performance and increased efficiency.

Water Miscible Coolants

water miscible coolants

Non Water Miscible Coolants

non water miscible coolants
BerufluidExcellent cooling and lubrication without mineral oil

Berufluid is the spark behind the development of sustainable cooling lubricant. As an innovative, boron- and formaldehyde separator-free product concept, Berufluid does away with the use of mineral oil.

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