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Forming lubricantsFrom sheet metal forming to massive forming

forming lubricants by BECHEM
Over 120 bodybuildersreliably ensure the forming of raw materials

BECHEM products are in use worldwide wherever metals are shaped in cold or hot sheet metal forming, in wire or tube drawing, in massive forming, and in cold forming. As liquids or solids, in oily, soapy, or aqueous versions, “our bodybuilders” minimize friction for, in some cases, huge degrees of deformation and under extreme surface pressures between the tool or die and metal.  


We play a key role in the manufacture of semi-finished products and finished parts with perfect precision and optimum surface quality, ready for the intended use or for further finishing processes.

Forming oils and Cold forming oils

The extreme surface pressures between the tool and the workpiece require high-performance forming oils capable of creating high-pressure-resistant layers during the process to prevent the tool from prematurely wearing, seizing, or even breaking.  


With BECHEM media for cold forming, you can rely on state-of-the-art, chlorine-free and continually advanced products for the most demanding of cold forming processes. Tailored to products along the entire process chain, they offer major added value: Cost savings, extended service lives, reduced maintenance, and boosted productivity.


For decades, users, machine builders, and tool makers have been working closely with developers to create new forming lubricants, setting the standard for high-performance cold forming oils.

Forming oils and Cold forming oil

Draw oils

The BECHEM Unopol and Berudraw series of drawing oils are amongst the world’s leading brands in wire production and processing. Their excellent drawing performance and service life continue to impress wire producers all over the world. By continually developing its products, BECHEM ensures maximum quality and efficiency, no matter the requirement in the demanding wire production process.  


BECHEM tube drawing media give pipes, hollow profiles, or round bars their desired shape no matter whether this involves the use of blasted, annealed, or stained material. The tube drawing media are suitable for external as well as internal lubrication. Whether drawing, rolling, or hot pressing: there are a huge range of process technologies to choose from.

Draw oils

Lubricants and release agents for massive forming

The BECHEM Berulit and Beruforge product lines supply high-performance lubricants for massive forming that meets the ever-increasing requirements in terms of environmental regulations, optimizing processes, and combining methods. BECHEM products provide a high lubricity as well as excellent detergency and ensure surface qualities that do not require further treatment.

Berulit and Beruforge by BECHEM
Beruforge 150Phosphate-free wire coating
Beruforge 150 series

The Beruforge 150 series phosphate-free single-layer system was developed for modern energy- and resource-efficient wire drawing.  


The Beruforge 150 series is extremely successful on the market, allowing for phosphate-free wire coating that was previously only possible with lubricants containing phosphate.

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