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Corrosion Inhibitor from BECHEM
The right one for the job: Beruprotect

Extreme corrosion influences act on the manufactured components, such as semi-finished products or vehicle components, during long international transport routes and storage times. BECHEM developed the Beruprotect product range specifically for these requirements.


Solvent-, oil-, and water-based products use modern additives for coordinated temporary corrosion protection applications.

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Dewatering Fluids

Dewatering fluids are used for drying metal parts after treatment in an aqueous medium, such as after surface finishing in electroplating, after treatment in hardness salt solutions, or after treatment with water-mixed cooling lubricants.  


The oily, waxy, or Vaseline-type film that forms protects against corrosive atmospheric influences and, to a limited extent, also against mechanical stresses.

Corrosion protection oils

Corrosion protection oils are used to apply oily protective films of different strengths to preserve dry or oily-wet parts against moisture and corrosive agents in the ambient air for temporary storage.  


The corrosion protection effect of the pure oil film is enhanced considerably by modern additives for long-term indoor storage and (maritime) transport. Humidity and other traces of water are partly absorbed by the protective film before they can penetrate to the base material and cause corrosion.  


BECHEM corrosion protection oils are also suitable for untreated ferrous metals as well as for galvanized or phosphated material.

Corrosion protection concentrates

BECHEM corrosion protection concentrates are nitrite-free, water-soluble, or emulsifiable corrosion inhibitors, which are used directly after the treatment of iron workpieces in water-mixed cooling lubricants.  


The processed workpieces are immersed in emulsions, which clean off the rest of the machining emulsion as well as metal shavings, salt residues and other impurities. After drying, a film is formed that protects the workpieces against corrosion. Wax emulsions leave behind particularly uniform and strong anti-slip films when the parts are immersed in a hot bath. The film thickness can be regulated via the concentration.  


BECHEM additives are added to process baths, such as cooling lubricant circuits or cleaning baths, in order to improve the corrosion protection or to prevent a non-ferrous metal corrosion. In addition to the post-conservation of processed parts, BECHEM solutions are used for the neutralization of etchant residues.

Optimally cleaned and protected against corrosion
Cleaner from BECHEM

Before corrosion protection you need a cleaning agent. In the metal-working industry, cleaning workpieces and semi-finished products is an important work step during the production process. Insufficient and incorrect cleaning often leads to considerable product deficiencies and faults. Coordinated cleaning and corrosion protection procedures can help to significantly reduce costs and increase the economic efficiency of plant systems.    


The selection of the best-possible cleaner depends on the material to be cleaned, the system technology used and the type of impurities. BECHEM coordinates all of the products to be used and takes corrosion protection into consideration early on, during the first two stages.

BECHEM System SolutionEverything from one source

Development expertise and service

At the BECHEM technical center, the latest chemical/physical testing and analysis systems are available that are used to characterize lubricants, to monitor their application, to analyze customer problems, and finally to develop the appropriate lubrication solutions.  


The performance capacity of the products used and the technical service are crucial for the quality of the workpieces. BECHEM specialists have the necessary expertise to provide individual consultation to users and to assess the effectiveness of system solutions.

The BECHEM service department ensures the continuous improvement of processes:
  • Overview of existing situation/on-site analysis
  • Analysis in the BECHEM technical center
  • Development of customized system solutions
  • Extensive tests in the work process
  • Process-oriented technical support
  • Optimized service lives
  • Improved working conditions for users
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