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LubricatorBECHEM Lubricator 125
BECHEM Lubricator 125

The constant, automatic, and demand-based lubricant supply by the BECHEM single-point lubricator minimizes wear and reduces maintenance-related downtimes of machines and plants.

LubricatorBECHEM Lubricator 28
BECHEM Lubricator 28

The single point lubricator from BECHEM ensures a constant, automatic and demand-oriented supply of lubricant for a wear minimization and reduction of maintenance-related downtimes of machines and plants.

Grease gunsBECHEM Grease Gun

The BECHEM two-handed Grease Gun 2 (Speedy Grease©) and easy-change Euro or Lube Shuttle cartridges supports an even supply of clean grease to the lubrication points and prevents the ingress of air or foreign particles in the system.

BECHEM Grease Gun 2
Pressure sprayerBECHEM Compression Sprayer 3591 PU

Easy and mobile – the right choice when both performance and mobility are key.

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