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High-performance lubricating greasesfor telescopic booms

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It’s all about the grease
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Without mobile cranes with telescopic booms, our work would be impossible: we need them to assemble machines, bridge components, or blades of wind turbines. The right lubricant is essential for many aspects of these operations. The lubrication gap in the telescopic boom is exposed to many environmental influences, pollutants, moisture, and mechanical strain caused by ice and snow.


Its lubricating film must remain in place in spite of all these factors. Stick slip, or boom chatter can result in dangerous situations or accidents.


To ensure safe telescopic function without stick slip under very high loads, BECHEM has developed high-performance lubricating greases for telescopic boom lubrication. These lubricant solutions are based on highly viscous, extremely adhesive base oils. Thanks to the product formulation with a high ratio of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), they achieve the desired friction coefficients for the highly stressed telescopic segments. The PTFE prevents stick slip and improves the gliding properties of steel/plastic or plastic/plastic combinations.

More telescopic cycles with Berulub TCG 1*
*Compared with competitor products
More telescopic cycles with Berulub PAL 1*
Savings in material usage compared with manual application
-40 °C
Working temperature possible
High performance crane greases

Berulub PAL 1 has been the benchmark in the crane industry for over 25 years. The extremely high-performance BECHEM telescopic boom greases are recommended by leading crane manufacturers. They enable many safe telescopic cycles without relubrication in a temperature range from -40 °C to +150 °C. The coating of the sliding surfaces of the telescopic segments with Berucoat AF 339 anti-friction coating provides the telescopic design not only with functional improvements, such as reduced abrasion of the original priming and dry running properties in case of insufficient lubrication, but also effective corrosion protection against the actual lubrication application. Combining this solution with Berulub TCG 1 or the sprayable version Berulub TCG 1 V achieves the best lubricating properties.

With BECHEM lubricating greases, stick slip can be avoided.
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C [mm2/s]

Compared with competitor products, BECHEM

telescopic boom greases also convince with their

high viscosity:

  • Very good adhesion
  • Very good separation of the contact surfaces
  • Extended relubrication intervals
  • High number of telescopic cycles
  • Low attraction of dust and dirt
Graphic with product comparison for crane greases
Fast relubrication

Compared with manual application, spray application enables savings of 40 – 60 % and reduces application time from approximately four hours to just one hour.

Cartridges with BECHEM grease and spray applicator
Available containers:
  • 400 g Lube-Shuttle cartridge
  • 10 kg bucket
  • 25 kg pail
  • 180 kg barrel

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