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Berucoat FX Flexible and abrasion-resistant

Many white O-rings on a light blue background
The anti-friction coating for elastomers

The Berucoat FX series provides outstanding anti-friction properties with excellent detergency, adhesion, resilience, and abrasion resistance. They are ideal for flexible, elastomeric materials, such as profile seals or O-rings. Besides systems that contain solids, the latest nanotechnologies are also used to keep pace with the ever-increasing requirements in this area. The transparent coating systems are usually applied in bulk and have a UV indicator to ensure process reliability for the customer.

Black seal is inserted into door rebate
Black O-rings on blue and pink base
  • Seals
  • Flocked seals
  • Sealing lips
  • O-rings
What material combinations are possible?
Black plastic pellets
  • Elastomer/glass
  • Elastomer/body Sheet
  • Elastomer/metal
  • Elastomer/plastic

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