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Machine and floor cleaning agentsThe perfect addition

BerucleanCleaning agents for the highest demands

Beruclean 3050 is ideal for the residue-free cleaning and care of sealed and coated floors

Besides a complete range of perfectly coordinated process fluids, industrial cleaning agents, and corrosion protection media for the metalworking industry, BECHEM also offers a range of high-performance machine and floor cleaning agents.  


The products in the Beruclean series top the highest of demands that are imposed on efficient cleaning systems for technical equipment and industrial floors in production halls. Beruclean cleaning agents will win you over with their high quality, optimized performance characteristics, and excellent efficiency.  


The special cleaning agents that are suitable for use on most surfaces and materials enable an effortless removal of industrial soiling and effective cleaning and care of industrial floors, machines, engines, and vehicles. They can be used on concrete, sealed and coated floors, as well as smooth floor surfaces such as slabs, tiles or plastic. By virtue of their high separation force, they are particularly well suited for cleaning up organic deposits such as oils, fats, waxes or tars while going easy on the surface. Products of the Beruclean series do not attack aluminum, cast iron, or steel surfaces.

The Beruclean cleaning agents have been developed specifically for scrubber vacuum machines as well as high-pressure and steam jet tools, but they are also ideal for manual cleaning processes. Ingredient substances that protect resources and a low-consumption formulation guarantee the maximum of efficiency and excellent cleaning results.  


BECHEM also supplies a huge selection of system cleaners for changing cooling lubricants, new applications, and for maintaining your systems.


Take advantage of the expertise and technical service provided by BECHEM application engineers and get a one-on-one consultation focused on your production processes.

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