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For industry, we are a research and development partner with comprehensive expertise in customized lubricants. We work together with partners to develop modern, pioneering solutions that are repeatedly put to the test, refined, and adapted to the constantly changing requirements.  


To make sure that these services are always ready and available for our customers in the BECHEM laboratories, we invest in our employees as well as in the latest chemical and physical test and analysis instruments.

Microcapsule technology in anti-friction coatings enters series production for the very first time

With the microcapsule-based anti-friction coatings BECHEM offers coating systems that far surpass conventional MoS2-based anti-friction coatings: the Berucoat MC series.

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Viscous water replaces oil as a lubricant

With a water-based, mineral oil-free cooling lubricant, BECHEM has produced a completely new, high-performance category of cooling lubricants: Berufluid.

Water-based cooling lubricants from BECHEM

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

With a new coating medium, BECHEM presents a genuine alternative to the phosphating of semi-finished metal products: Beruforge 150.

Coating media from BECHEM

High-quality end products with emulsion technology

In aluminum wire drawing BECHEM makes it possible to use emulsion technology even for rod breakdown. The product impresses with higher quality end products and a cleaner work environment: BECHEM Unopol AL.

Aluminum wire drawing
“Made by BECHEM” stands for reliable, contemporary, demand-based special lubricants.
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