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BECHEM TriboAnalytics Analyses and valuations


BECHEM TriboAnalytics

Our tribological analysis service provides a comprehensive assessment of the friction, wear and lubrication properties of interacting surfaces in motion. We specialize in determining the coefficients of friction between different materials and surfaces under different operating conditions to ensure the optimal performance of your equipment. Our experts analyze the material degradation caused by mechanical interaction and environmental influences and identify the underlying abrasion, adhesion, fatigue and corrosion wear mechanisms.


In addition, we evaluate the effectiveness of the lubricants used in terms of their viscosity, chemical composition and temperature resistance in order to minimize friction and extend the service life of the components. By analyzing the physical and chemical properties of the materials used, we can assess their influence on tribological performance. We also examine the surface texture and topography to determine how these factors influence friction and abrasion.

  • On-site service inspections including a detailed written report
  • Measurement of values for analysis, e.g. vibration values or temperatures using an infrared thermometer
  • Taking and analyzing lubricant samples, adjustment measures if necessary
  • Application-specific tests, e.g. tribological measurements on the component or at model level
  • Compatibility tests between lubricants and construction materials (e.g. plastic compatibility) or between different lubricants
  • Creation/monitoring and support for/laboratory tests
  • Test support
  • Failure pattern analysis of wear marks
  • Cartridge tests on the valve test bench
  • Fluid management
  • Tribomapping
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