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BECHEM SmartMaintenance Maintenance & servicing


BECHEM SmartMaintenance

BECHEM SmartMaintenance offers comprehensive technical maintenance and services for production facilities, including condition assessments, running-in and alignment processes as well as efficient lubricant planning and emergency services to prevent production downtimes


Key tasks include routine and service visits to assess the condition of production facilities, monitoring and carrying out run-in processes and providing support with the alignment of drives. Planning the required lubricant quantities and creating lubricant and analysis plans are also essential to ensure the efficiency and longevity of the machines. In an emergency, a fast service ensures the organization of urgent deliveries to avoid production downtimes.

  • Service visits to assess the situation in the production facilities
  • Monitoring or implementation of running-in processes
  • Support with drive alignment processes
  • Planning the required lubricant quantities
  • Development of lubricant and analysis plans
  • Emergency service: organization of urgent deliveries to avoid downtimes
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