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Chain oils for extreme temperaturesHigh-performance and efficient

Chain oil is applied to chains
Ideal properties for exceptional performanceThe Berusynth Series
Close up of chains in a conveyor belt

Drive chains and conveyor chains are highly stressed components in industrial facilities, which are often under constant stress in multi-shift operation. BECHEM high-performance chain oils ensure production reliability without extensive maintenance effort.


Chains are exposed to mixed friction, which means that the outstanding friction and wear reduction properties of BECHEM high-performance chain oils play a critical role. Due to polar properties, BECHEM chain lubricants have an extremely high adhesive capacity that when dosed correctly prevents dripping and centrifuging of the oil. Together with the excellent wetting and creep properties, BECHEM high-performance chain oils are very economical in application.


It’s not the lubricant visible on the outside of the chain that provides the lubricating properties, but rather the oil that has penetrated into the chain links.

Chain damage is primarily caused by incorrect lubrication.
From experience
The right application

The chain oil must be applied so that it can pass along the inner and outer links and edges directly onto the chain joint to lubricate the friction point.

Graphic with explanation of how chains are properly lubricated
Advantages of the Berusynth Series
  • Excellent evaporation behavior
  • Very high wear protection
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications
  • Reduced costs thanks to lower oil quantities
  • No varnish-like residues in the high-temperature range
  • Long lubrication intervals
  • No need to clean the chain
  • Suitable for lubricating cams, slide surfaces, and gearing
  • High corrosion protection
  • Excellent paint compatibility

Lubricant AnalysisExtended BECHEM Oil Analysis

Close-ups of air bubbles in the lubricating oil
Chain Oilsfor the food industry
Waffle cones are filled with ice cream in a machine

BECHEM lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical sectors meet the strict specifications of the international organizations for product tests and product certifications.


In addition, several products are halal and kosher certified as well as holding H1 and H2 registration.

Excellent evaporation behaviorLong service life
Liquid lubricating oil in a Petri dish

Berusynth CU 250

Hardened lubricating oil in a petri dish

Synthetic Chain Oil

The figures show Berusynth CU 250 and an inferior synthetic chain oil in the evaporation test at 210 °C. The result: hard and brittle residues for the comparable conventional chain oil compared to a virtually unchanged condition of the oil for Berusynth CU 250 after three days of testing.

Very high wear protectionProcess reliability
Graphic with results from the oscillating-friction wear tribometer test
SRV test run with defined load

In the wear protection and friction value testing (vibration/friction/wear tribometer test), Berusynth CU 250 had a much longer lifetime compared to conventional synthetic high-temperature chain oils at temperatures over 200 °F, even with a vertical contact surface. Low and even friction guarantees process reliability without intermediate relubrication, even with long lubrication intervals.

Detailed view of the SRV machine
Optimized behavior towards copperClear advantage
Four differently corroded copper strips

The top copper strip displayed much less copper corrosion by Berusynth CF 250 in the test, which is a particular benefit when it is used in chains of stretching machines.

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