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Intelligent lubricants to cut downmaintenance costs and improveproductivity
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Modern day textile production involves high degree of automation to control high speed precision processes.


Quality of textile output depends on efficient and precise working of multitude of moving parts involving bearings and sliding elements, drive and control chains and complex gear mechanisms. These mechanical parts are exposed to severe forces and demanding conditions. In order to provide effective lubrication for textile machinery, the lubricant needs to absorb high speed vibrations, control temperature variations, be resistant to chemicals and contaminants. Extended lubricant service life with minimal maintenance is of utmost importance. Considering the numerous lubricating points in a typical textile machinery, lubricants with extended service life, help reduce labor costs and shop floor productivity loss significantly.

BECHEM high-performance lubricants for textile processes have exceeded established performance standards of the past and set new benchmarks. BECHEM products have been recommended by leading textile machine manufacturers for its role in reducing maintenance down time and enhancing machine reliability.

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Needle and sinker oil for knitting machinesBECHEM Staroil KNT 32-1

large knitting machine
Outstanding success worldwide –BECHEM products for the textile industry.
Lubricating oils for…

BECHEM’s range of mineral and synthetic oil based products developed with advanced additives have been approved by machine manufacturers across the globe. These high performance products are recommended for the critical applications in spinning, thread or fabric

manufacturing as well as conveyor chains. BECHEM’s range also includes solid lubricant containing pastes

and anti-friction coatings for extreme high temperature


  • Carding machine
  • Comber draw frame
  • Speed frame
  • Ring frame
  • Autoconer
  • Two-For-One Twister (TFO)
  • Open-end spinning machine
  • Woven label looms
  • Warping
  • Sizing
  • Looms
  • Singeing
  • Mercerising
  • Stenter
  • Dyeing Machine
  • POY: Partially Oriented Yarn
  • PSF: Polyester Staple Fiber
  • FDY: Fully Drawn Yarn
  • Winder
  • Texturising

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