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    Food IndustryLubricants for safe production

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    Special products for a multitude of applicationsHigh quality
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    Food-grade lubricants are used for lubrication, force transmission, and corrosion protection of machines used in the production and handling of foodstuffs, food contact materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, tobacco products, animal feed, as well as to produce their packaging.  


    Food-grade lubricants are subject to strict regulations, must be physiologically safe, and exhibit special properties under a wide variety of operating conditions, such as  


    • Excellent lubrication performance
    • High water resistance
    • Resistance to oxidation
    • Low wear rates
    • Compatibility with construction materials
    • Good adsorption and adhesion to metal and plastics
    • Steaming capability (before filling with wine, beer, and soft drinks)
    Perfectly selected recipe ingredientssatisfy strict requirements
    Bottles on the assembly line

    BECHEM food-grade lubricants cover a wide range of applications and can even be used for very demanding requirements, such as with regard to the wear behavior.  


    Berulub WP 402 H1 impresses with its special hybrid technology and its wear characteristics even exceed standard MoS2 and graphite lubricating greases.  


    The carefully coordinated recipe ingredients of the food-grade products made by BECHEM meet the standards and requirements imposed on modern food-grade lubricants. They fulfil the strict requirements of international organizations for product tests and certifications.  


    • The ingredients meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are inspected by internationally recognized certification organizations
    • They are neutral in smell and taste
    • They are free of animal components
    • The products (H1, 3H) are FDA-approved for use in food production
    • They withstand the time as well as chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses of the expected operating conditions
    Berusynth H1 SeriesThe all-rounder that does the job of many and saves costs

    The Berusynth H1 series of lubricants offers numerous advantages and has established itself in food-grade applications and tests.  


    • The viscosities satisfy the requirements of machine manufacturers as well as DIN and ISO standards
    • Free of ester
    • Multi-functional, no need for multiple products
    • Neutral reaction to conventional seals and paints
    • Miscible and compatible with residual quantities of conventional, mineral oil-based lubricants
    • Extremely long service life
    Production of cookies
    Close-ups of air bubbles in the lubricating oil
    BECHEM products satisfy the food standards and requirements.
    Ronald D. Müller, Product Manager Special Lubricants Food and Fitting Industry
    Sprays for the food industry
    Spray can assortment of BECHEM

    For easy handling - BECHEM lubricating greases, oils, rust solvents, release agents, and cleaning agents in spray cans.

    Actively shape the future of foodOur BECHEM Sales Team has the best ingredients. Write to us.