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In the food industry, food grade lubricants play a crucial role in efficiently lubricating machines, ensuring power transmission and reliably protecting against corrosion. Our lubricants meet the strictest regulations and are characterized by the following properties:


Physiological harmlessness: safety in food production guaranteed.


Outstanding lubrication performance: Smooth processes in production processes.


High water resistance: Optimum performance even under humid conditions.


Oxidative resistance: Resistant to oxidative influences.


Low wear rates: Extended machine service life and minimized maintenance costs.


Compatibility with construction materials: Optimum adaptation to various materials.


Good adsorption and adhesion: Effective lubrication and protection on metal and plastic.

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Food grade lubricants from BECHEM cover a wide range of applications, even for very high requirements, e.g. with regard to wear behavior. Berulub WP 402 H1, for example, impresses here with its special hybrid technology and even outperforms standard MoS2 and graphite lubricating greases in terms of wear characteristics.


Thanks to their carefully coordinated formulation components, BECHEM's food-grade products meet the standards and requirements placed on modern food-grade lubricants. They meet the strict specifications of international organizations for product testing and certification.


  • Odorless and tasteless: The products are odorless and tasteless to ensure the highest product quality.
  • Free from animal ingredients: They contain no animal ingredients, and are therefore also vegan.
  • FDA suitability (H1, 3H): The products (H1, 3H) are suitable for use in the food production process in accordance with the FDA.
  • Robust resistance: The products withstand the temporal, chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses of the expected operating conditions.


The majority of BECHEM H1 lubricants are ISO 21469 certified. This certification provides crucial support for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet the strict hygiene requirements in the production of food and pharmaceutical products. At the same time, they serve as proof of material in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Berusynth H1 SeriesFunctional reliability is the decisive factor

We understand that the world of lubricants can be complex. That's why we developed the Berusynth H1 range, not only to set standards but also to reduce variety in the bearing. Mixing within the Berusynth H1 range does not affect the basic functions as the viscosities are intermixable.


Why should you choose our Berusynth H1 multifunctional oils? Here are the unbeatable reasons:


  • Outstanding ageing and oxidation resistance: Our multifunctional oils are designed to perform reliably under extreme conditions over the long term.
  • Shear stability: Berusynth H1 oils offer impressive shear stability to meet even the most demanding requirements.
  • Free from mineral oil, white oil, ester and glycol.
  • There are no oil-related deposits.
  • Certifications for the highest standards: Our products not only meet the requirements for H1 registration, but also those of ISO 21469, as well as Kosher and Halal certifications. With BECHEM, you can be sure that the highest quality standards are met.
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The products in the Berusynth H1 series are used in the following areas, among others, where they are already helping many companies to save costs and safeguard production:


  • Circulating lubrication
  • Planetary gears
  • Spur gears
  • Worm gears
  • Bevel gearboxes
  • Screw compressors
  • Piston compressors
  • Gearboxes for centrifuges
  • Transport and drive chains
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Gear coupling
  • Central lubrication in general
  • Rotary piston blowers


BECHEM success storyApplication expert Ronald D. Müller: Increasing the efficiency of pre-bake ovens
Ronald Müller
Using our H1 oils significantly reduces maintenance and operating costs
Ronald D. Müller, Product and Market Manager Food and Fittings Industry

In food processing, especially in large bakeries, operators of pre-baking ovens are faced with the challenge of lubricating oven chains under extreme conditions. Temperatures of up to 300°C require special high-temperature oils that also have H1 certification for safe contact with food. The wrong choice of lubricant or lack of maintenance can lead to increased energy consumption, chain breakage and costly production downtime.


Our high temperature oils with H1 certification offer the ideal solution for this demanding application. As a leading lubricant manufacturer, we have developed a special product line that not only withstands extreme temperatures, but also meets the stringent requirements of the food industry. Through intensive research and development, we guarantee lubricants that ensure maximum performance and safety.


Our success story


A renowned industrial bakery was faced with the challenge of increasing the efficiency of its pre-baking ovens and minimizing unwanted downtime. After a thorough analysis of the existing lubricants and application conditions, the company decided to implement our special high-temperature oil BECHEM Berusynth CG 370 H1. This synthetic high-temperature chain oil ensures reliable lubrication up to 650 °C and is therefore ideally suited for use in pre-bake ovens.


By using our high-temperature oil, the company was able to realize the following benefits:


  • Optimized performance: the high-temperature oils offer outstanding performance at extreme temperatures, resulting in improved chain lubrication and lower friction losses.
  • Food safety: Thanks to the H1 certification, the oil is safe in contact with food. This ensures compliance with the highest food standards.
  • Maintenance efficiency: The low tendency to form deposits minimizes the need for frequent maintenance intervals, reduces downtimes and thus lowers overall operating costs.
  • Corrosion protection: The oil also reliably protects against corrosion and counteracts chain breakage. This greatly minimizes downtimes.
  • Energy efficiency: Optimized lubrication leads to reduced energy consumption, which not only reduces the environmental impact but also results in significant cost savings.


The implementation of our lubricant has not only increased the reliability of the pre-bake ovens, but has also contributed to more sustainable and cost-efficient production - a result with added value for our customers.

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