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Needle oil and sinker oil for knitting machinesBECHEM Staroil KNT 32-1

Needle and sinker oil for knitting machines
Maximum precision and efficiency 
Circular and flatbed knitting machines in the textile industry.

Sinkers and needles are the most important machine elements in modern circular and flatbed knitting machines in the textile industry. Perfectly matched lubricants that increase process efficiency while offering maximum reliability are a crucial design element. The newly developed needle and sinker oil BECHEM Staroil KNT 32-1 helps mini-mize wear and costs while increasing lifetimes significantly.


BECHEM Staroil KNT 32-1 is a high-performance oil with a special additive package for outstanding lubricating properties in a wide temperature range, which ensures a longer needle and sinker oil service life. The special knitting oil features very good washability and does not leave behind any residues even after extended use. Even under extreme conditions, the stable lubricating film ensures reliable, high wear protection. The needle and sinker oil is available in 20-liter PE canisters and 200-liter tight-head drums.

Viscosity index
Basic oil viscosity at 40 °C
mm² /s
VKA welding force according to DIN 51350
Very good washability  according to DIN 62136-1 Appendix B*
thumps up
*Specification: DIN 62136-1 Needle and sinker oil for knitting machines
BECHEM Staroil KNT 32-1 convinces with low friction losses, resulting in high efficiency.


  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Outstanding lubricating properties
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Very good washability
  • Good elastomer compatibility
  • Good paint compatibility
  • Good wear protection behavior
  • Free of toxic substances
  • Good resistance to high temperatures
  • 0.52 mm VKA wear scar [mm] according to DIN 51350
SRV curve according to DIN 51834-2

The tailored additive is the crucial ingredient in the formula, ensuring that BECHEM Staroil KNT 32-1 achieves a reduction in friction (µ) across the entire friction distance despite increased compression.


SRV curve according to DIN 51834-2

Temperature: 70 °C

Friction distance: 1.2 mm

Frequency: 50 Hz

Normal force [FN]: 2 min inlet at 100 N, then 400 N for 60 min

Test body: Plate lapped and ball 10 mm

SRV curve from BECHEM Staroil KNT 32-1
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