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Environment, Social, Governance

Climate change and its consequences are becoming more visible and are a central challenge of our time. BECHEM's aim is to have the best possible impact on this change and to deal responsibly with natural resources not only in terms of climate protection, but also with regard to ecological and social aspects of economic activity along the value chain.


Sustainability is therefore an integral part of the BECHEM Group's corporate strategy. BECHEM is convinced that consistent sustainable action is an important building block of long-term corporate success and will align its strategy with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which also include the ESG factors (environment, social and governance) to a large extent, i.e. social, economic and ecological sustainable development. BECHEM has been making the greatest contribution to environmental relief for almost two centuries with its value creation process: always aligned with the cutting edge of technology, our high-performance product developments and services enable us to make decisive contributions to improving efficiency and avoiding emissions by minimizing friction and wear in a wide range of industrial components and systems.


In order to remain economically and ecologically sustainable, the sustainability goal for BECHEM is not only anchored in our value system, but is also rolled out internationally within the BECHEM Group with our Strategy 2030, "Let's create the future". The three ESG dimensions of environment, social affairs and corporate governance form the framework within which we will approach the goal in specific fields of action.


With Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7, 9 and 17, BECHEM has a direct positive impact on environmental factors.


By expanding photovoltaics, switching to 100% green electricity and switching from heating oil to natural gas, our plant in Gardelegen has achieved significant improvements in SDG 7 "Energy". For decades, BECHEM has had a major influence on the sustainability and functional safety of industrial products and customers' manufacturing processes with a large number of product developments and process optimizations. Furthermore, the products often contribute to the improvement of occupational safety and hygiene and thus also to social sustainability.



BECHEM supports climate protection projects

100% green electricity


A high level of employee satisfaction has an impact on the health and motivation of our employees and on their willingness to act as brand ambassadors. BECHEM therefore has a constructive and long-term impact on SDGs 3 Health/Well-being, 4 Education and 5 Gender Equality).


Through the specifications within the framework of sustainable procurement management and the Code of Conduct, BECHEM considers the goal of health and well-being in the supply chain to be decisive factors for cooperation with suppliers. BECHEM offers its employees various programs and initiatives to promote health and fitness.


A central component of our social sustainability efforts is the promotion of training. It is important to us that our trainees not only develop professionally, but also personally.


As a signatory to the Diversity Charter, BECHEM stands for equal opportunities and diversity and creates a working environment characterized by mutual respect. BECHEM promotes extra-occupational degrees and further training and is actively committed to the professional development and qualification of its employees.


Health and well-being

Energy scouts



Sustainability through responsibility

BECHEM is represented in various international sustainability consortia. As a member of the UN Global Compact, BECHEM has identified six of 17 ESG dimensions where it sees great potential for a more inclusive, sustainable economy for the benefit of all people, communities and markets.


At home in the chemical industry, BECHEM feels particularly committed to harmonizing the economy and the environment with sustainable concepts. We want to create more value for our customers, employees, our social environment and our company while reducing our ecological footprint. This basic attitude also applies to our operating processes, which we apply in an energy- and resource-saving manner using the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard and the EcoVadis sustainability rating. This does not mean that it is always easy for us to implement them. The culture of "only good news counts" has long since had its day. At BECHEM, too, there is room for improvement and some processes could have been faster. However, we are excited about any progress and greater commitment than ever before.


We have achieved bronze status with Ecovadis. We are now systematically working on the potential for improvement listed in the sustainability assessment report with the prospect of Gold status.


Sustainability is anchored in our value system and integrated into our international Strategy 2030.


Our values

"Let's create the future"- Strategy 2030

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