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    Sustainability means future viabilityOur contribution to a future worth living

    Our commitmentWe are reducing our ecological footprint

    We want to create more value for our customers, employees, our social environment as well as our company – and simultaneously reduce our environmental footprint. Our commitment is strictly based on fundamental sustainability principles and is firmly enshrined in BECHEM’s corporate strategy and culture.


    As a family business with almost 190 years of tradition, we are deeply convinced that responsible operation in the interest of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a prerequisite for the sustainable economic success and future viability of our company.

    We operate in the chemical industry and therefore feel even more obligated to reconcile economy and environment with sustainable concepts. The fundamental attitude of the company’s management and staff towards issues such as climate protection, resource conservation or even conscious nutrition are also crucial for our sustainable operation.


    We develop sustainable products. We can proudly state that all our products have contributed to sustainability all along, because they have always been designed to reduce friction and wear, increase the lifetime and minimize maintenance. We also think “green” when we develop our products. For example, we select raw materials that conserve resources and avoid using raw materials that pollute the environment.

    In addition to our product development, we take many steps to further reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we invest in modern, environmentally friendly equipment and photovoltaics, accompanied by extensive energy-saving measures. We also offer working from the home office, try to avoid business trips, and make increased use of video conferences.


    As a supplier to the automotive industry, we are working extensively with electromobility and are therefore increasingly driving electrically powered vehicles. This allows us to experience first-hand how important noise damping is in electric cars, which in turn pushes us to target our research and development even more precisely.


    Certifications are important and customary for collaboration with other companies, such as in the automotive or food industry. We choose our suppliers carefully. In the future, we intend to only use companies with a sustainable corporate strategy so that we can also reduce the carbon footprint in the supply chain.


    We talk openly about sustainability – internally as well as externally. On our website we provide information about our goals and review what we have already accomplished. We do not only report on our successes. We also openly admit to areas where are not yet perfect or where we are still in the beginning phase.

    Beehive at the Mieste plant in Gardelegen.

    Lubricants for more sustainabilitySustainable through accountability

    In addition to the traditional task of minimizing friction and wear, lubricants today solve far more complex issues. As a constructive component or as a process medium, they determine the functional efficiency of technical products and the cost-effectiveness of plants and production processes. However, in many cases, they also play a key role in environmental protection, occupational health and safety, hygiene as well as energy and CO2 reduction by increasing the service life or availability of tools and machines, or by contributing to the lifetime and operational safety of products.

    Water has been our priority for a long timeIncrease efficiency by improving processes

    BECHEM was one of the first companies to demonstrate a way to replace mineral oil-based grinding oils with oil-free, water-based products with adjustable viscosity to enable more sustainable and efficient manufacturing.

    BECHEM has also developed water-based products in the field of grease lubrication and applied for patents. For example, a water-based grease is successfully used in railway transport systems.


    BECHEM is a research partner in the development of media that, for the first time, supply hydraulic units and machine lubrication with one product. In addition to conserving the finite resource mineral oil, this approach facilitates a significant reduction in energy consumption. The water-based fluid produces a lower operating temperature of the hydraulic unit with less power loss. Its consistency also reduces the pump pressure (at the same volume flow) by approx. 31%.