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For demanding applications in automotive engineering, the food industry, and mechanical and plant engineering, or for the harsh conditions of heavy industry, BECHEM offers a range of lubricants, cleaners, corrosion protection media, grease and rust removers, as well as anti-seize agents in spray cans. Easy to handle, even when the spray can is held upside-down.

Large-area spraying without spray tube. Precise spraying with spray tube
400 ml spray can of Beruclean H1 Spray
Spray can that even sprays when the spray can is held upside-down
Spray head of the 400 ml spray can Berusynth H1 Spray
Special lubricants in spray cans for a range of applications
Multifunction oils
Berusynth H1 Spray - 400 ml spray can
Chain oils
Bersynth 100 H1 Spray - 400 ml spray can
Anti-friction coatings
Berucoat Af 438 Spray - 400ml spray can
Beruclean H1 Spray - 400ml spray can
Lubricating grease, lubricant
BECHEM High-Lub SW 2 Spray - 400ml spray can
Corrosion protection
Beruprotect Rope Spray - 400 ml spray can
Release agent
Berulub VPN 13 Spray - 400 ml spray can

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