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BECHEM Complex CM 21 Innovative long-term lubricating greasewith outstanding water resistance

New formula for better performance

Contamination with water can significantly reduce the service life of a roller bearing. That’s why we developed a new concept that departs from the established and customary lubricating greases for this application and offers significantly better interaction with water: BECHEM Complex CM 21 is an EP long-term lubricating grease with outstanding corrosion protection that was developed for use in roller and plain bearings subject to increased contact with water.


The diagram shows the unique performance of the EP long-term lubricating grease BECHEM Complex CM 21 in water. If the Shell Roller Test results in extensive mixing of water and lubricating grease, a standard lithium grease only absorbs a small amount of the water, which then largely separates again. Often it will lose important properties, e.g. it reduces its consistency or leads to corrosion.


By contrast, calcium sulfonate complex greases can absorb water without losing key properties. Conventional calcium sulfonate complex greases immediately absorb a high amount of water along with dirt, which has a negative impact on efficient performance.


The newly developed BECHEM Complex CM 21 initially repels water better than customary standard lithium greases. However, it really shines when higher performance is needed by continuously absorbing more water than other greases used for this application.

Excellent wear protection withhigh loads
Daumen hoch
No softening after 100,000 double strokes with 20 % water
No corrosion in water with 3 % NaCl
3 %
Excellent water absorbency
Daumen hoch
Bearings at hydraulic cylinders


  • Work roller bearings in hot and cold rolling mills
  • Bearings for guide rollers in continuous casting plants
  • Main bearings in crushers in the cement industry and in mining
  • Central lubrication systems in mining
  • Heavy machinery and large equipment in the construction industry and mining
  • Excellent corrosion protection even to salt or process water
  • Outstanding anti-wear and extreme pressure properties
  • Excellent adhesion to steel surfaces
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding shear stability
Roll stands in a hot strip tandem mill
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