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Berutemp PE 2-10 HSLow-noise high-speed lubricating grease

When you need things to be whisper-quietNoise class GN4
Rolling bearing filled with white grease
Low-noise high-speed lubricating grease

Berutemp PE 2-10 HS is a low-noise, high-speed lubricating grease in noise class GN4, which is already in use in extremely high-speed hybrid bearings at speeds of n x dm = 2.25 million.  


At the same time, with a base oil viscosity of 100 mm2/s at 40 °C, it is also suitable for slower speeds and thus covers a uniquely wide range of operating conditions.  


Due to its high load carrying capacity and very good dynamic resistance, Berutemp PE 2-10 HS can be used, for example, in roller bearings in the powertrains of electric vehicles, in high-speed spindle bearings in machine tools and textile machines, or in low-noise roller bearings of household appliances.

Rotational Speed Limit
n x dm
In the SKF BeQuietTest
GN 4
Base oil viscosity at
40 °C
mm² /s
NLGI Class
Berutemp PE 2-10 HS impresses with its unique combination of high-speed properties and excellent noise class despite the high base oil viscosity.
Frank Reichmann, Global Head Engineering and Maintenance, Business Unit Special Lubricants
  • Ball bearings in the powertrain of electric vehicles
  • High-speed roller bearings
  • High-speed spindle bearings, e.g., in machine tools and textile machines
  • Low-noise roller bearings in household appliances
  • Gearwheels in small gears
  • Worm gears
Chassis with engine, tires and battery pack of an electric car
  • Excellent performance on the WS 22 test bench for high-speed bearings (speed index n x dm in the hybrid bearing: 2.25 million)
  • Low-noise
  • For very high and very low temperatures
  • Excellent load-carrying properties
  • Outstanding consistency/temperature behavior
  • Ideal for shock loads and vibrations
  • Good adhesion capacity on metallic surfaces
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