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BECHEM ProcessEfficiency Process optimization


BECHEM ProcessEfficiency 

Our tribology process optimization service aims to improve the operational efficiency of your machinery and equipment through customized tribological solutions. We focus on understanding and optimizing the interactions between surfaces in motion to minimize friction, reduce wear and extend equipment life.


Through a detailed analysis of your existing operating processes, we identify critical areas where improvements can be made. We evaluate the lubricants, materials and surface treatments used to ensure that they are optimally matched to your specific applications and environmental conditions. We use advanced measurement and analysis techniques to collect precise data on the tribological properties of your systems.



  • Suggestions for efficient process optimization
  • Adjustment of lubricants, e.g. in the water-miscible range with service additives
  • Special program for optimizing lubricant consumption
  • Creation of lubrication and inspection plans with definition of monitoring or failure criteria
  • Support with viscosity adjustment
  • Support for evaluating the corrosion protection of a bonded coating
  • Support with the optimization of assembly lines, lubrication or dosing systems
  • Support with any necessary repair measures on the tooth flanks, such as grinding out damage
  • Recommendations regarding better protection of the drives against contamination or the reduction of lubricant leaks
  • Support with the design of centralized lubrication systems, in particular line lengths and pump pressure
  • Optimization of the cleaning process for coating masks

We then develop customized solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of your production and technical processes. This may include the selection of suitable lubricants, the improvement of material surfaces or the adaptation of design parameters to create optimum tribological conditions.


Our aim is not only to increase the performance and efficiency of your machines through process optimization, but also to reduce maintenance frequency and increase operational reliability. This leads to significant cost savings and at the same time improves the productivity and reliability of your systems. Use our process optimization service to achieve your production goals more effectively and efficiently.

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