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    Railway TechnologyThe train’s arriving - with lubricants made by BECHEM

    Fast train on tracks
    Chassis and driveProven performance over decades
    Production of the running gear of a train

    These days, lubricating greases and pastes on the chassis and drive are exposed to ever-increasing loads. BECHEM products are tried and tested, extremely reliable, and ensure the perfect interaction of all components.


    BECHEM has its own test benches, e.g., for wheel flange lubrication, to make sure that global lubrication requirements for track systems are satisfied during product development activities. This can be used to simulate a range of operating conditions, such as an arctic or subtropical climate.

    Test bench for wheel flange lubrication

    Test bench for wheel flange lubrication

    Lubricants are developed based on customer requirements.
    Joints and maintenanceTo keep the railway on track

    Reliable high-performance lubricants are vital for lubricating joints, such as screw connections and buffer plates or air compressors, gear boxes, and hydraulics.  


    BECHEM products withstand the enormous pressure during shunting operations as well as the high forces that occur during journey. BECHEM rail lubricants were developed precisely for these challenging conditions and provide the necessary safety as well as helping to ensure a comfortable trip. Worldwide.


    No matter whether you need cold cleaning agents and aqueous intensive and special cleaning agents for high-pressure equipment, scrubber vacuum machines, manual cleaning or lubricants in spray cans for maintenance. We’ve got you covered.

    Rail on tracks
    Three trains next to each other on tracks
    Vehicle and interior componentsBetter functionality and feel

    Through targeted vibration absorption and an optimized friction coefficient, BECHEM lubricants enable controlled and reproducible movement processes in the interior components of railway vehicles, such as seat and table systems, actuations and switch systems, as well as door coverings.  


    BECHEM products make a considerable contribution to functionality and haptics while also permanently increasing the value of components and vehicles. Products specifically designed for noise reduction ensure a noticeable improvement of the driving comfort.

    Interior of a railroad carriage
    Making of a train
    Environmentally-friendly lubricants for railways systemsFocus on the environment and performance
    Goods station

    Lubricants for rail-bound transport systems are often in direct contact with the environment. The environmentally compatible, rapidly biodegradable BECHEM rail lubricants meet and in many cases exceed the legal requirements and permanently ensure the smooth and safe operation of the railway networks.  


    The products are perfectly suited for the various requirements for global use, such as temperature behavior, sprayability, centrifugal behavior, or pressure stability. BECHEM rail lubricants are used for wheel flange, point, and rail lubrication.

    EU Ecolabel Logo

    The voluntary European Environmental Label (EU Ecolabel) introduced by an EU ordinance is a quality seal for products that are characterized by a high level of environmental compatibility.

    User and environmentally friendly: The spraying systems from BECHEM

    Users place great importance on comfortable and convenient application technology. The features of the devices developed by BECHEM with partner companies are focused on the requirements of the various railway companies and offer good wearing comfort and stability as well as easy handling. They also have a safety quick-release fastener that allows operators to quickly remove the spray lance in dangerous situations.

    BECHEM Compression Sprayer 3591 PU

    Spray system for applying lubricants: BECHEM Compression Sprayer 3591 PU

    Friction loss?The BECHEM Sales Team get solutions on track. Write to us.