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BECHEM Unopol ALInnovative emulsions for aluminum wire drawing

The first choice for aluminum wire drawing: Emulsions

The drawing lubricants from the BECHEM Unopol series are renowned worldwide for their use in the demanding rod breakdown and multiwire drawing area as well as in enameled wire production. Wire producers are won-over by the BECHEM Unopol AL series with its excellent drawing performance, possible plant-specific higher drawing speeds, fewer wire breaks, and high service life.


Emulsions are the best option for aluminum wire drawing, as the offer numerous advantages:  


  • Better cooling
  • Faster further processing
  • Easier washability
  • Lower residues
  • Clean environment


Generally, all aluminum wire drawing machines operated with oil can be retrofitted to use emulsion technology. Even systems used for drawing copper wire can be converted to draw aluminum wire. BECHEM is happy to assist you in migrating to this new technology.

BECHEM Unopol AL 560 

BECHEM Unopol AL 560 is a water-miscible drawing lubricant for the rod breakdown and multiwire drawing area that provides maximum lubrication performance and can be used to draw EC (electrical conductor) aluminum as well as various aluminum alloys.


BECHEM Unopol AL 560 has a low foaming behavior, even in soft water. Excellent cooling properties and filterability support outstanding performance, even in extremely challenging aluminum wire drawing applications. BECHEM Unopol AL 560 can be used to draw diameters of 12 mm or 9.5 mm up to an end diameter of around 2 mm. Usual application concentrations are around 10 to 25% depending on the application.

BECHEM Unopol AL 570

The water-miscible BECHEM Unopol AL 570 drawing lubricant is suitable for medium and fine wire drawing. BECHEM Unopol AL 570 can be used to draw diameters of 3.5 mm up to an end diameter of around 0.10 mm on single or multiwire machines. The quality of this product means that you can always rely on good lubrication performance and residue-free wire surfaces in a clean plant environment. Good filterability and residue behavior give the emulsion a long service life and ensure a high wire quality.

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