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BECHEM System SolutionFor metalworking

Process reliabilityFor metalworking

BECHEM lubricants ensure maximum efficiency and performance in metalworking, throughout the entire process chain. For all process steps, from machining to parts cleaning and corrosion protection, a finely-tuned product series has been developed, offering a wide range of benefits. Extended lifetime of machining fluid and cutting tool reduces maintenance, increases production output and improves processes. In addition, fewer suppliers mean lower costs and more efficient use of the lubricant. Cost-intensive damage and machine downtimes can be prevented.  


Ideal process support is crucial for the functionality and long life cycle of your machines. BECHEM provides technical advice on the application of lubricants, making an important contribution to safety and reliability in production. With its BECHEM Avantin, Berucut, Beruclean, and Beruprotect product lines, BECHEM offers a strong range for general machining that meets growing customer requirements in terms of environmental regulations, optimizing processes, and combining methods. BECHEM products achieve a high cooling effect, excellent performance and increased efficiency.

  • Technical consultation
  • Process support
  • After-sales
  • Process migration
  • Tailor-made formulas


  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Everything from one source
  • Tailored products
  • BECHEM Avantin
  • Berufluid
  • Berucut
  • Beruform


  • Process control
  • Monitoring of processing fluids
  • Long tool lives
  • Machine lubrication BECHEM Staroil
  • Beruclean


  • Quality control
  • Optimal surface results
  • Beruprotect


  • Cost control
  • Yield control
  • Protection for all storage conditions
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