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    Berucut XC
    Cutting Oils /
    Grinding Oils
    Next generation non water miscible coolants

    non water miscible coolants
    Mineral oil free base fluids
    Berucut XC series

    The constantly growing demands in metal processing place ever-greater demands on the performance of cooling lubricants. The Berucut XC series is the new pioneering generation of BECHEM metalworking oils tailored to the diverse range of processed materials.


    The Berucut XC cutting and grinding oils are based on synthetic, mineral oil-free fluids free base fluids and synergetic additive technologies. The result is outstanding new high-performance benchmarks as well as stable and reliable production processes.  


    The Berucut XC series unquestionably sets new standards in immiscible cooling lubricants. Power for maximum efficiency.

    Advantages of the Berucut XC series
    Maximum feed rate
    Longer tool life
    Drop in evaporation loss
    Faster air separation
    • Excellent oxidation stability
    • Very high flash point
    • Very high viscosity index
    • Very low evaporation loss
    • Excellent UV stability
    • Low pour point, good low temperature behavior
    • Very good lubrication performance
    • High cutting speeds
    • Good material compatibility
    • Very good foam control
    • Very low PAH values (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)

    The metalworking oils from the Berucut XC series, available in various viscosity grades, were developed for heavy-duty machining processes, such as grinding and deep drilling. They impress by ensuring stable and reliable production processes and maximum efficiency. Users of BECHEM cutting and grinding oils also benefit from improved work safety and lower consumption.

    Numerous applications
    applications for Berucut XC
    • Schleifen
    • Bohren
    • Drehen
    • Fräsen
    • Honen
    • Tiefbohren
    • Finishen
    • Gewindefertigung
    • Hartmetallbearbeitung
    • Zahnflankenschleifen
    • Werkzeugherstellung
    The perfect materials for Berucut XC
    blue metallic surface
    • Aluminium
    • Aluminiumlegierungen
    • Edelstahl
    • Gusseisen
    • Hartmetall
    • Kupferlegierungen
    • NE-Metall
    • Nickellegierungen
    • Titan
    • Stahl
    Stay ahead of the pack with the Berucut XC advantages
    yellow BECHEM drums

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