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BECHEM Unopol SP 930 U

SKU Nr. 2000235 / 9762962
Multipurpose oil

BECHEM Unopol SP 930 U is a special multipurpose oil for cleaning the

wire after drawing and annealing as well as for lubrication during the

stranding process. BECHEM Unopol SP 930 U has been formulated for the use

in spray and immersion applications.

Corrosion protection

Product description

Examples of application

  • Spraying oil which is used for slightly oiling the copper wire or tinned copper wire after the annealing process
  • This is necessary in order to avoid wire breaks when using a spooling unit, achieve good sliding of the wire for the subsequent stranding process, maintain sufficient lubricity for the subsequent compressing process, protect the copper wire against discoloration during storage

  • Low viscous
  • Sprayable
  • High protection
  • Compatible with all BECHEM wire drawing lubricants
Materials to be processed
Aluminum, Copper, Copper alloys, Steel

Typical Characteristics

Flash point
≥ 70,0 °C
colorless, yellowish fluid
Density at 20 °C
0,800 g/cm³
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BECHEM Unopol SP 930 U
Multipurpose oil

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