Anti-Friction-Coatings are touch-dry lubricant solutions which, in their formulation, resemble common industrial varnishes. They contain solid lubricants, resins as bonding agents, as well as solvents. Solid lubricant components are mainly molybdenum disulphide, graphite and PTFE. The individual raw materials and additives, as well as the concentration of solid lubricants are decisive for lubricating efficiency and corrosion protection.

Anti-Friction-Coatings which are based on microcapsule technology are a new and innovative product group with an extremely high performance level. These products achieve three times the service life compared to competitive products. As first manufacturer BECHEM has started serial production of these Anti-Friction-Coatings and distributes them under the name Berucoat MC.

Anti-Friction-Coatings are preferably applied by immersion or by spraying onto carefully degreased surfaces. Other methods are possible as well, such as immersion centrifuges, electrostatic or automatic spraying methods, application by pressure or roller as well as the various methods for drying and hardening processes which are well-known within industry.

Anti-Friction Coatingsmore
Product Service temperature range [°C] 1) Curing Properties

1)Value marked in grey indicates short term maximum temperature

All indications and values correspond to latest knowledge and do not represent any product specification.

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