Special lubricants for electromobility and "Industry 4.0"

The change to new drive concepts in the automotive industry on the one hand and to new concepts such as "Industry 4.0" on the other hand, requires new lubricants and lubricant concepts. The project "Increase of production efficiency by means of online measurement of electrical properties of conductive lubricants - PeOMeE" should provide knowledge, especially in the area of "Industry 4.0".

A sensor system should measure the conductivity of greases applied in systems, their temperature and the wear of the lubricant and the lubricated rolling bearing during the ongoing production process. In addition, continuous online condition monitoring as well as optimized condition-based load control should be provided later.

As a project partner, BECHEM is responsible for the development of the special lubricant and its adaptation to the sensor system. This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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