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    Lubricating OilsSustainable performance

    Close up of lubricating oil
    Efficiency in Perfection:Reduced reliance on a range of different products and longer lubrication intervals
    Lubricated gear wheels with yellow lubricating oil on them

    Whether as a hydraulic fluid, gear oil, or chain oil with H1 registration – for a diverse range of industrial applications, BECHEM offers a product range that makes a critical contribution to cutting-edge production and manufacturing technology as well as service and maintenance.


    The product range extends from high-quality, mineral-oil based products to extremely high performance synthetic oils, which in addition to extending re-lubrication intervals and reducing standstill time, often also contribute towards reducing the diversity of varieties and thus also costs.

    Over 200 Heroes make a huge contribution to sustainability
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Gear and circulating oils
    • Chain oils
    • Silicone oils
    • Environmentally compatible lubricating oils
    • Lubricating oils for the food and pharmaceutical industries
    • Lubricating oils for the textile industry

    Chain Oils

    Chain oils are the essential link between extreme requirements and an efficient and interruption-free production process. BECHEM offer an impressive range of products, with an oil structure and additives that are matched to the specific operating conditions.

    Chain oil is applied to chains

    Hydraulic Oils

    Hydraulic oils from the BECHEM Hydrostar and BECHEM Staroil series were designed for oil-based hydraulic systems. Water-miscible concentrates of the BECHEM Fimitol and BECHEM Starlit series impress in water-based hydraulic systems.

    Yellow excavator with jackhammer in a tunnel

    Gear Oils and Circulating Oils

    High-performance gear and circulating oils from BECHEM meet demanding requirements for wear protection even under high mechanical and dynamic loads.

    Dark gears that are lubricated

    Environmentally Compatible Lubricating Oils

    The biodegradable lubricating oils from BECHEM protect resources and are characterized by a high level of technical lubrication performance. BECHEM lubricating oils for the next generation.

    Gondola over Bergen with a view of clouds and a large city
    Silicone OilsThe Berusil Series
    White and black plastic gears

    The excellent chemical, physical, and physiological properties of BECHEM silicone oils make them suitable for a huge range of applications, for instance as lubricants and anti-seize agents, for surface care, and as a liquid dielectrics.

    Lubricant AnalysisExtended BECHEM Oil Analysis

    Close ups of air bubbles in the lubricating oil
    EfficientBerusynth H1 Series
    Synthetic high-performance lubricating oil

    Berusynth H1 oils are food-safe, odor- and taste-neutral high-performance oils for the highest lubrication demands. The products are characterized by an extremely long service life, can be intermixed and are compatible with residual quantities of conventional, mineral oil-based lubricants.


    • Neutral in smell and taste
    • Neutral to conventional seals and paints
    • High wear protection
    • Excellent load-carrying properties
    • Effective corrosion protection
    • Resistant to aging
    • Certified in line with ISO 21469


    Good to know
    • Halal- and kosher-certified
    • ISO 21469-certified
    • NSF Standard 61-registered
    • ISO VG class 32 to 1000
    • Lower maintenance costs thanks to longer oil change interval
    • High temperature stability
    • Low evaporation loss
    • No residue formation
    • Good creeping capacity
    • Good adhesion
    • Reduction of mechanical friction
    • High corrosion protection

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