Berucoat AF 732 - Full performance when things get tight suddenly

Adjustable steering columns and the crash elements integrated into them are indispensable safety-relevant components in automotive applications. In the case of a frontal collision, the crash element ensures that the steering column collapses in a defined manner, thus preventing the steering wheel from penetrating further into the vehicle interior. 

The crash element is often installed in a light metal housing in which an inner tube is guided. Depending on the construction, the tube is fitted with additional guiding elements. If a frontal collision occurs, enormous surface pressures arise briefly between these components. Despite this extreme load, a constant minimum reaction time of the crash system over the entire operating temperature range from -40 °C to 120 °C is indispensable for the safety of the vehicle occupants. In view of these high requirements for constant performance regardless of different temperature and load situations, the correct choice of lubricant plays an immensely important role. 

For these and other high-tech applications, BECHEM has specifically developed the heat curing anti-friction coating Berucoat AF 732 for the coating of metal material combinations using the latest raw material and testing technologies. The coefficients of friction of the MoS2/PTFE-based anti-friction coating remain reliably constant even under the most extreme operating conditions and maximum loads, which is why leading automotive suppliers successfully use Berucoat AF 732 for the coating of their crash elements. 

Berucoat AF 732 - Full performance when things get tight suddenly enlarge Indispensable construction element for crash elements: The Berucoat AF 732 anti-friction coating from BECHEM.
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