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Berudraw AL 20

SKU Nr. 10000578 / 9795002
Non water miscible drawing oil

Berudraw AL 20 is a non water miscible medium viscosity drawing oil for rod and medium drawing of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Berudraw AL 20 is designed for use in spray systems.

Extended tool life
Wire drawing

Product description

Examples of application

  • Wet drawing of wires
  • Rod and medium wire drawing applications (final diameters > 0,5 mm)

  • Very good lubrication properties
  • High oxidation stability
  • Reliable corrosion protection
  • Long lifetime
  • Universal application
Materials to be processed
Aluminum, Aluminum alloys

Typical Characteristics

Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C
140,0 mm²/s
Flash point
290,0 °C
yellow-brown, clear fluid
Density at 20 °C
0,900 g/cm³
Mineral oil
approx. 63,00 %
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Berudraw AL 20
Non water miscible drawing oil

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