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Berutox M 21 EPK

SKU Nr. 10000162 / 9007281
Multipurpose grease

Berutox M 21 EPK is a long-life lubricating grease for a wide range of industrial applications, especially in the automotive sector. Berutox M 21 EPK is characterized by high adhesion, very good resistance to water and steam, high load-carrying capacity and good compatibility with plastics.

High loads
High temperatures
Resistant to water
Roller bearings
Automotive industry

Product description

Automotive industry, Paper industry, Railway technology, Textiles and apparel industry
Examples of application

  • Door stops, hinges, shift linkages, water pumps in the automotive and supplier industry
  • Plain bearings of pellet mills
  • Top arm bearings and variator systems of ring spinning machines
  • Roller bearings under heavy exposure to water, steam or other aggressive media
  • Roller and plain bearings in the wet and dryer sections of paper machines
  • Wheelset bearings, housing bolts, brakes, bolts, bushings, sliding guides, roller and plain bearings in the railway industry

  • Excellent sealing qualities
  • High adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to water and steam
  • High corrosion and wear protection
  • Good oxidation stability
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Good high temperature properties
  • Water repellent
  • EP-properties
Material combinations

Typical Characteristics

Base oil
Mineral oil
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil at 40 °C
490,0 mm²/s
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil at 100 °C
32,0 mm²/s
Working temperature range
-20 – 160 °C
light brown
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Berutox M 21 EPK
Multipurpose grease

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