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Beruprotect Rope Spray

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Wire rope care product

Beruprotect Rope Spray is a low viscosity care product for wire ropes in very dusty environments. Beruprotect Rope Spray has extremely good creeping properties and excellently wets the wires inside the ropes. The protective film that forms does not bind dust.

Corrosion protection
Wire ropes

Product description

Examples of application

  • Corrosion protection all types of wire ropes, especially in very dusty environments
  • Corrosion protection of springs, tools, small hardware parts, screws and bolts

  • Low viscosity and hence easy application
  • Extremely good penetration properties and excellent wetting of the wires inside the ropes
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Good wear protection
  • After evaporation of the solvent a thin, well adhesive and touch-dry protective film is formed on the surface
  • The formed protective film is not dust binding

Typical Characteristics

Base oil
Mineral oil
Working temperature range
-20 – 100 °C
Flash point
≥ 140,0 °C
Butane, Propane
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Beruprotect Rope Spray
Wire rope care product

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