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Anti-friction coatings / Water-based

Berucoat AK 1071

SKU Nr. 10000337 / 9100409
Air-drying anti-friction coating

Berucoat AK 1071 is a water based anti-friction coating for the prevention of noise caused by vibrations and stick-slip in the interior of motor vehicles. After drying, Berucoat AK 1071 forms a transparent, flexible film that is visible under UV light.

Noise damping
UV tracer
Compatible with plastics
Automotive industry

Product description

Automotive industry
Examples of application

  • Minimization of noise which are generated by oscillations and vibrations, mainly in the interior region in connection with the materials plastic, leather and textile
  • In the area of door trims and sun roofs
  • Automotive and supplier industry

  • Prevents stick-slip and noises
  • Water based
  • Excellent plastic compatibility
  • Transparent, invisible film
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Contains UV-indicator, dry layers visible under UV-lamp
  • Free from perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS)
Material combinations
Leather/Leather, Leather/metal, Metal/plastic, Plastic/plastic

Typical Characteristics

Working temperature range
-40 – 90 °C
Varnish optics
Dry layer optics
white, translucent
Distilled/demineralized water
Solid lubricants
special solid lubricant combination
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Berucoat AK 1071
Air-drying anti-friction coating

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