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Berutox VPT 64 Dispersion OZF 0,5

SKU Nr. 10000263 / 9013249
Fully synthetic contact protection fluid

Berutox VPT 64 Dispersion OZF 0,5 is a fully synthetic contact protection fluid for contact pairs of silver and gold, which after evaporation of the solvent forms an extremely thin lubricating film with very low contact resistance.

Low temperatures
High temperatures
Noise damping
Compatible with plastics
Automotive industry

Product description

Automotive industry
Examples of application

  • Provides contact protection and lubrication of all kinds of plugged connections, push-buttons, relays, potentiometers, selector and slide switches and above all switches for control current
  • For currents ≤500 mA for printed circuit boards
  • For currents up to the medium and high ampere range for connectors (Ag, Au)

  • High oxidation resistance
  • Very good compatibility with plastic
  • Increases contact life
  • Long life lubrication
  • Reduction of friction and wear
  • After evaporation of the solvent an extremely thin oil film is left that offers hardly any contact resistance
Material combinations
Metal/metal, Metal/plastic, Plastic/plastic, Silver/gold alloys

Typical Characteristics

Base oil
Perfluorpolyether (PFPE)
Working temperature range
-40 – 250 °C
colorless, transparent
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Berutox VPT 64 Dispersion OZF 0,5
Fully synthetic contact protection fluid

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