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Beruglide L

SKU Nr. 10000291 / 9014729
Fully synthetic special grease

Beruglide L is a fully synthetic special lubricating grease for the lubrication of plastics and noise damping for the automotive and supplier industry. Beruglide L is used for polymer materials susceptible to stress cracking, such as PC, PMMA and ABS.

Electrical contacts
Low temperatures
High temperatures
Noise damping
Food grade/Pharmaceutical technology
Compatible with plastics
Automotive industry

Product description

Automotive industry, Food industry, Railway technology
Examples of application

  • To prevent noises caused by vibrations inside and outside the vehicle, eg dashboards, seat systems, door modules etc
  • Switch gear mechanisms in vehicles
  • Electrical contact grease for electrical plugged connections
  • Suitable for polymeric materials such as PC, PMMA and ABS susceptible to stress cracking

  • Good noise damping
  • Very good compatibility with plastic and rubber-elastic materials
  • Good fogging behaviour
  • Good low temperature behaviour
  • Very good oxidation resistance
  • Neutral in smell
  • Homogenous structure
  • High thermal and chemical stability
Material combinations
Metal/plastic, Plastic/plastic, Silver, gold, hard gold and tin
H1 registered
ISO 21469, Halal, Kosher

Typical Characteristics

Base oil
Perfluorpolyether (PFPE)
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil at 40 °C
160,0 mm²/s
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil at 100 °C
16,0 mm²/s
Working temperature range
-40 – 190 °C
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Beruglide L
Fully synthetic special grease

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