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Berusynth CF 250

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High-temperature chain oil

Berusynth CF 250 is a plastic and copper compatible high temperature chain oil designed for use in film stretching equipment.

High loads
High temperatures
Corrosion protection

Product description

Examples of application

  • Chain film stretching machines
  • Conveyor chains in stenters and drying frames in the textile industry
  • Stone wool and glass wool production
  • Lift chains in high-level rack storage facilities
  • Drying ovens
  • Shrink tunnels
  • Lubrication of steel ropes

  • Very good penetration properties into the lubrication spots of the chain
  • Outstanding corrosion protection and high resistance to washing-off
  • Does not form any critical residues
  • Adhesive, no spin-off or drip-off
  • Low evaporation even when subjected to high temperatures
  • Resistant to hot and cold water
  • Guarantees an economic and efficient lubrication of chains over a wide temperature range
  • It is adhesive and provides excellent wetting and penetrating properties into the chain
  • Good behavior against copper
  • Adjusted to the BECHEM chain cleaner Berusynth CC 100

Typical Characteristics

Base oil
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C
250,0 mm²/s
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C
25,0 mm²/s
Flash point
≥ 250,0 °C
* A possible increase in color saturation when subjected to light does not affect the oil quality
Viscosity index
-40 °C
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Berusynth CF 250
High-temperature chain oil

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