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Berulub ECO GD 40 Spray

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Biodegradable multifunctional spray

Berulub ECO GD 40 Spray is a rapidly biodegradable multifunctional oil used for maintenance and repair as a corrosion inhibitor, rust remover and maintenance agent.

Corrosion protection
Product in aerosols

Product description

Automotive industry, Aviation industry, Cement industry, Electronic industry, Medical technology, Metalworking, Mining, Mobile cranes, Paper industry, Pellet presses, Pharmaceutical Industry, Railway technology, Steel industry, Textiles and apparel industry
Examples of application

  • Rust remover for bolts, screws and hinges
  • Lubricant for bicycle chains, door locks, fine mechanics, ropes in dusty areas, door drives, garden equipment
  • Corrosion protection and maintenance fluid
  • Protects plates and tools against rust
  • Sports and camping
  • Weapon maintenance
  • Electrical contacts
  • Commerce
  • Automotve sector
  • Industry

  • High environmental compatibility thanks to rapid biodegradability acc to OECD 301 C
  • Water repellent
  • High creeping performance
  • Temporary corrosion protection
  • Thin lubricating film
  • Cleaning effect on metal surfaces
  • Eleminates unwanted squeaking
  • Displace humidity
  • Pleasant smell
  • Cleans grease residue without completely degreasing
  • Oxidations and aging resistant
  • Resin free

Typical Characteristics

Base oil
Working temperature range
-30 – 90 °C
clear, colorless
Butane, Propane
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Berulub ECO GD 40 Spray
Biodegradable multifunctional spray

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