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Berulub GD 30 Spray

SKU Nr. 15000057 / 5338212
Multifunctional oil

Berulub GD 30 Spray is a multifunctional oil for maintenance and repair work. Berulub GD 30 Spray loosens tightly rusted screws, bolts and hinges and provides very good corrosion protection. Berulub GD 30 Spray leaves a very thin lubricating film on the wetted surfaces.

Corrosion protection
Cleaning agent
Screw connections
Spraying upside down
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Product description

Cement industry, Mining, Pellet presses
Examples of application

  • Automotive sector
  • Maintenance service
  • Camping etc
  • Loosens corroded screws, bolts or hinges
  • Removes squeaking noises
  • Displaces moisture
  • Loosens oil scaling, bitumen, wax and tar on metal surfaces

  • Good creeping properties
  • No resinification
  • Good lubrication and corrosion protection properties
  • Penetrates and loosens rust

Typical Characteristics

yellowish, clear liquid
Butane, Propane
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Berulub GD 30 Spray
Multifunctional oil

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