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Special lubricants for sheet metal working

We precisely shape sheet metal

Volatilising punching media

The Beruform VSM range is used for simple to medium-heavy stamping and forming processes where low-residue or residue-free surfaces are required. Parts produced with Beruform VSM forming oils can in many cases be further processed without subsequent cleaning. The selection of raw materials guarantees a high level of user acceptance.


Non-water miscible, chlorine-free punching and deep drawing oils

With the Beruform STO product series BECHEM offers products adapted to viscosity and performance: From forming media for simple machining processes to high-performance oils, which are an alternative to chlorine-containing products in the field of stainless steel machining. Besides process safety and economic efficiency, BECHEM makes an important contribution to sustainability by replacing critical ingredients in metalworking fluids.


Emulsifiable, chlorine-free punching and deep-drawing media

The Beruform STE series has been designed for medium to heavy stamping and forming processes. The cleaning of the emulsifiable forming oils is carried out aqueous and is in many cases sufficient with clear, slightly tempered water. Thus BECHEM makes an important contribution to sustainability in production.


Chlorine-free pastes

Products from the Beruform STP product series have been specially developed for forming operations of highly demanding geometries. The pasty, emulsifiable products are cleaned with slightly tempered water to achieve a high surface quality and an economical production process.


Special products for the stainless forming of aluminium and copper alloys

For the machining of highly sensitive materials, e.g. pure copper or pure aluminium, BECHEM offers special lubricant solutions which guarantee a spot-free machining and reliably avoid material build-up at the cutting punches.

Beruform VSM 9
Very lowodour
Beruform STE 426
Beruform STP 50 CA
Clean offwith water
Beruform STO 3508
Enableshigh forming degrees

Lubricant solutions for electromobility


High-precision fine cutting and stamping processes with long tool lifespans play an important role in the production of many automotive components. From an expert’s perspective, even the smallest deviations from the defined geometries at the edges of the electrical steel used in the production

of rotors and stators can result in unwelcome decreases in performance.


Installing stators and rotors machined with worn tools in the motor cores leads to a reduced magnetization level and consequently lower motor efficiency. Ask about BECHEM solutions for complicated and challenging fine blanking operations.

Examples of application
  • Punching of thin and electrical sheets up to 1.0 mm
  • Stamping of rotor/stator packages
  • Battery cell housings
  • Sheet metal and food packaging
  • Electrical contacts
  • Bipolar plates
Fahrgestell mit Motor, Reifen und Batteriepack eines Elektroautos
Materials to be processed
  • Steel alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Pure copper
  • Pure aluminium
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